render assistance

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exclaimed Charles, "if Heaven permits kings to be thus ignorant of the histories of each other, how can they render assistance to their brothers who need it?
He suddenly realized that this poor weak she could not keep up with them and that if they traveled at her slow rate they might be too late to render assistance to the Tarmangani, and so without more ado, the giant anthropoid picked Bertha Kircher bodily from the ground and swung her to his back.
Chois experiences and knowledge, the Foundation is expected to render assistance to the ROK with its diplomacy toward Africa and to contribute to the ROKs diplomatic diversification efforts.
Therefore if a sheep is attacked, it may be injured, in pain and distressed for up to a day before a farmer can render assistance.
The parties reaffirmed their intentions to accelerate implementation of the project and render assistance to solution of emerging problems.
The 41-year-old woman was bailed to appear at Melbourne magistrates' court on Monday, charged with dangerous driving causing serious injury, failing to stop or render assistance and to report a collision.
As Dallas pulled into NBK-Bremerton, LSRs Joe Wells and Logistics Specialist 2nd Class Ervin Flores from the NAVSUP FLC Puget Sound LSC were standing by at the pier to render assistance.
Once Nitze's crew identified the vessel, it took immediate action to render assistance," said a Fifth Fleet spokesman yesterday.
This edition includes facts from key cases from major casebooks; information on the Supreme Court's decision imposing First Amendment limits on a state's right to allow recovery for intentional infliction of emotional distress where the defendant addresses a matter of public concern; coverage of the latest drafts of the Third Restatement of Torts, including Liability for Economic Harm; and revised and expanded coverage of an athlete's implied consent to harmful or offensive bodily contact, the oduty to render assistance,o the right to recover for mental suffering in the absence of physical injury or property damage, the right of an oat risko plaintiff to recover an increased likelihood of future bodily harm, and the right to recover for opure economic loss.
The question arises whether doctors in SA are legally required to stop and render assistance to injured people at road accidents.
He said the POEA stood ready to render assistance to any OFW held for questioning for alleged possession of bullets, with on-the-spot advice, coordination with a government legal service and opening communication lines with immediate family, friends, recruitment agencies or legal counsel.
The US Navy accompanied four American-flagged ships and a British vessel moving through the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Gulf on April 30, and officials said the US will render assistance to any other nation concerned about interference from Iranian vessels.