render better

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This mathematical model being developed as a part of the aquifer mapping and management programme will render better understanding of existing groundwater scenarios, predicting response of groundwater system to various stress conditions expected to arise in the future and developing effective management plans incorporating different demand and supply side interventions.
Earlier this month, to render better services to taxpayers and reduce grievances, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley launched the taxpayers service module and mobile app 'Aaykar Setu'.
Dean, Khyber College of Dentistry Professor Dr Ghulam Rasool and his faculty conduct Refresher Courses during summer vacations for trainees and TMOs to train them in different specialties of dentistry at Khyber College of Dentistry, so that they can render better dental health care facilities.
Since its inception, the AIFMP has done sterling work to increase the prestige and influence of the printing industry and help it render better and more useful service to the public.
By continually improving ourselves by participating in courses like this, we become better physicians and with the new things we learn, we can render better service to our patients.
1 Precision Extended Range Munition to render better accuracy
In 2015, the Ministry obtained the ISO 2008:9001 in some divisions, which reflected the royal desire to promote public performance and render better services to the public.
It will also render better animation and lighting effects.
He said power sharing arrangements between regions, states and ethnic groups would help render better and more effective services for South Sudanese people.
NetRack is well versed with emerging technologies and has developed newer products that offer enhanced performance, scalability and render better ROI to the customers.
DOST Undersecretary Louis Napoleon Casambre said IOC also comes with an Integrated Communications Center (ICS) that allows inter-operability of different communications systems that include HF, VHF, and UHF radio systems that would render better coordination of efforts, among other things.
Summary: RIYADH: Newly appointed Indian Ambassador Hamid Ali Rao urged his community to register their details with the Indian diplomatic missions as part of a plan to render better consular services and ensure more protection to Indians in Saudi Arabia.