render clear

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The manner that he chose to render clear to the imagination of his hearers some just notions of its size, though so familiar to astronomers, produced a deep and unexpected impression on me.
This study will help render clear the cascading barriers people in poverty face and why many of them are forced to cope by participating in non-traditional ways of making ends meet, he says.
The screen resolution is not Full HD, but a resolution of 720x1280 pixels still render clear, crisp viewing clarity.
The new Avocet CMOS imager enhances the company's wide dynamic range (WDR) technology, Autobrite and now offers a dynamic range up to 154dB to render clear and detailed images in both bright and low light conditions.
With the aim of expansion in the region, it has set a Spanish language site, which focuses on to render clear information about Modern Water s monitoring products and membrane processes, as well as further promote the Group s identity in the region.