render complete

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Tenders are invited for professional architectural, engineering, planning and environmental consulting firms to render complete architectural/engineering services required in connection with the design of a splash pad at centennial park.
An image from one of Kredel's last book projects, A Comedy of Terence Called "Andria," is also on the cover of the issue, and this image was an example of an attempt to render complete woodcuts for drawings that Albrecht Durer had sketched.
The scalable, enterprise-class CloudTV H5acents platform utilizes highly-optimized HTML5 browser technology running in remote servers to execute and render complete user experiences in the cloud.
Throughout the course of our nation's history revolutions for positive change have originated in America's courtrooms - revolutions born of the power of people to render complete justice.
Nor has he laboured to render complete account of the events discussed.
AAs work in a care team format with an anesthesiologist to render complete anesthesia care.
Airport Services is invited from professional engineer, planning and environmental consulting firms to render complete consulting services required in connection with the development and improvement of the Monroe County Airport.
The cloud-based framework will render complete full sales visibility and management services to the Local Media Group, permitting sales data and analytics to be available for enterprise users all over Merediths 17 claimed and run stations.
The provisions undertaken by WRC-15 render complete safety to television broadcasting, and also to the aeronautical radio navigation framework running in this frequency band, majorly in nations of the Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications (RCC).
The Chinese Ambassador has revealed that Ghana has set a goal of generating 10% of its overall electricity using renewable sources within 2020 and they will render complete support to Ghana to help it develop its renewable energy capacity.
For Google s Chromecast devices, Tech Data Mobile Solutions will render complete fulfillment services, like logistics, transportation management, forecasting, procurement consolidation, inventory management, invoicing and collection.
America Fujikura Limited (AFL) declared that it has inked a Master Distributorship Agreement with Prologix Distribution to render complete service for AFL products in UAE.