render free

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Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police trucks were dispatched to the streets to render free rides to the public affected by the tranportation strike on Monday.
Years ago, I established a special section at my law firm whereby we render free legal services voluntarily to needy litigants.
I render free services to 90 per cent of my clients," Jethmalani said.
The kiosks are configured to render free high speed Wi-Fi under a 150 foot radius.
I am doing everything for the hospitals, and this is what you do turn away patients, especially emergency cases, and ask them to go to PGH when the City Hall has district hospitals that must render free medical services," Estrada's official statement said.
He also thanked the hospitals, health centers and clinics for allowing their staff to render free medical and dental services.
16 (ANI): A group of former United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) cadres have formed Asom Vikas Mancha (AVM) to render free services to the poor and downtrodden people of the region.
Chief Judge Hugh Hayes of the 20th Circuit said August 17 that it was not yet time to send lawyers to the FEMA centers, but in the coming weeks he would like to see locations established where Florida lawyers can render free legal advice in person in the affected communities.
said the construction of the "Escuela," which will render free education for needy children in the municipality, is now in the offing and will be operational by next school year.
After all, to imagine Indian cricketers will render free service is impossible.
After all, these physicians come home to render free services and not to engage in private medical practice.