render help

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Putting aside the double-standard policies which prevent fight against the ISIL and terrorism in the region can render help to the anti-ISIL campaign," Zarif said, addressing a press conference in Tunisia.
In the terms of the MoU (memorandum of understanding), the county, while directing local response to disaster help, will ask that United Way render help to people looking for it.
Australia's primary aim is to render help for women and children greatly affected by the ongoing crisis in Iraq.
NNA - The Iranian ambassador to Baghdad says the Islamic Republic is ready to render help to Iraqi Christians displaced by ISIL terrorist group.
Though local villagers ran to the accident site immediately after the accident to render help, it took more than two hours for any official help to arrive.
A spokeswoman said: "We would like to speak to any person who witnessed the collision or stopped at the collision to render help or assistance to any of the parties involved.
The committee, effective for one year, will render help to and coordination with MPs, the government's judicial bodies, government staff and media to stay under law and take action if necessary through presentation to the house's speaker, monitoring of implementation of rule of law and coordinating for revoking, amendment and promulgation of laws and by-laws being practised by central-level organizations.
Military parties are being sent out to investigate and render help.
render help to the retail channels in the two countries.
He underlined a possibility that TIKA render help in completing studies, execution and compiling documents on the history of the area to restore it according to its previous architectural style.
In certain cases, the workers will get legal assistance, while the number of the visits of mobile consular teams will be increased to render help to workers living in far-flung areas of the Kingdom, said a report released by the embassy.
If you don't render help to Quincke's edema patients, they can perish from edema of larynx and ceiling of access of air to lungs.