render invisible

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And so I say, with the right pigments, properly compounded, an absolutely black paint could be produced which would render invisible whatever it was applied to.
While there have been a number of studies conducted examining the agricultural farmer and laborer suicide crisis as part of a general agricultural crisis in India, most "continue to render invisible the family and the household," argues the author (an independent writer and activist based in New Delhi), who here seeks to focus political and humanitarian attention on the aftermath of peasant suicides, and in particular on the coping strategies of already marginalized women who are left behind.
She calls us to look at the bodies that are neglected in our society, to look at the bodies that we render invisible.
To mark the United States -- and European Union -- sanctioned entrance of GCC troops into Bahrain or the GCC-Arab League-sanctioned aerial assault on Moammar Gadhafi's forces as the starting point of intervention is to render invisible the myriad ways in which the authoritarian regimes of Bahrain and Libya were incorporated -- albeit differently -- into local and regional strategies of Western and Arab powers.
Yet, writers like Shelby and Austin are creating the theoretical foundations for policies that marginalize and render invisible culture and connection as assets.
For one, a coating of a specific material and thickness might render invisible no more than one type, size, and shape of particle.