render judgment

See: adjudicate
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s cassation appeal against the Court of Appeal and District Court of The Hague decisions, in which they declared that there was no jurisdiction to render judgment on the termination of the Guatapuri association contract occurred on July 23, 2003, termination that originated the lawsuit against Ecopetrol S.
5th District, Iloilo) provides for the following: increase in the number of Sandiganbayan Divisions from the present five to seven; transfer of the so-called minor cases to the Regional Trial Courts so the Sandiganbayan can focus on most significant and most complicated cases against public officials and render judgment swiftly but judiciously; and modifies the voting requirement for promulgation of judgment.
He observed " We have nothing do with the disqualification of Prime Minister or interior minister as court has to render judgment as per constitution no matter its results are what.
We - render judgment that the sexually oriented business tax is not an occupation tax and thus there is no requirement that 25 percent of its revenue go to public schooling," the Texas Third Court of Appeals stated in its ruling.
The further subtext is the concern that, if it is so difficult to judge who ultimately owns a single piece of cloth, how much more difficult would it be to render judgment in a case when a man has been killed or, we may say, over a thousand years later, when those murdered number six million.
During the election, at least 120 million people had been expected to render judgment on whether to give the nation's first black President a second term or replace him with Romney, a multimillionaire former head of a private equity firm and former governor of Massachusetts, who would have been the first Mormon President and one of the wealthiest Americans to assume the nation's highest office.
While it is certainly neither our role nor our intention to render judgment on Mr.
Indeed they should be asked to render judgment in the Korean case as well.
This paper argues that our fallibility and our susceptibility to social influence render judgment and response indispensable, because--given these characteristics--our actions and responses decide the morality that we actually share with one another.
Accordingly, it reversed the judgment of the trial court in part and remanded the case "with direction to vacate the judgment for the plaintiff and render judgment for the plaintiff for $2,653124.
The United States Court of Federal Claims shall have jurisdiction to render judgment upon any claim against the United States founded either upon the Constitution, or any Act of Congress or any regulation of an executive department or upon any express or implied contract with the United States.