render necessary

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The law also mandates 'the police, other law enforcement agencies and local government assistance to render necessary assistance in the enforcement of this Code.'
Two Diving & Rescue teams and three Medical teams are ready to render necessary assistance.
Moreover, two diving and rescue teams and three medical teams are on standby to render necessary assistance.
He said that the rescue team, comprising FRSC officials and men of the police, came to the scene on time to render necessary assistance and cautioned commercial drivers among other road users to always drive with caution.
The Central Command, through the NFC and its operational control units, expressed its readiness to render necessary services and assistance in the best ways it can to respond to people in need and to help reunite them with their loved ones.
'As for Visayas and Mindanao, there is no railways system in place which can render necessary services in the transport of goods and people around these areas,' he said.
all regional police officers, city police officers and all districts police officers in Punjab to render necessary police assistance to the teams of PFA in discharged of their official functions, as and when required.
The WWF-Pakistan team is prepared to render necessary assistance to the Federal and Provincial governments.
On the occasion, the IDB President stated that the Bank remains steadfast behind Yemen to provide support to its plans and programs and shall render necessary assistance to affected areas and sectors.
In turn, S.Kiyumi assured his readiness to render necessary assistance to the establishment of cooperation with the
This bill will render necessary assistance in the successful prosecution of perpetrators of heinous crimes.
We will continue to render necessary consular assistance and will be in touch with their lawyer."