render safe

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Operator during all phases of the Render Safe Procedure (RSP), in order to
Custom transport capabilities have been fully incorporated within the vehicle's modular frame design to accept and carry a multitude of mission-critical and incident specific EOD tools deemed necessary to execute a render safe procedure.
Sublay said they immediately conducted Render Safe Procedure (RSP) on the said object and later identified it as a 2.
Operation RENDER SAFE, the Australian Defence Force's Explosive Ordnance Disposal mission in the Solomon Islands, has been a "spectacular success" according to the Commander of the Task Force Commander Doug Griffiths.
Combat engineers breach minefields while EOD teams render safe and exploit IEDs, but who should clear roads of IEDs?
Their job was to render safe Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in the Padaka area.
EOD is tasked to render safe and dispose of any explosive hazards, to include conventional weapons; nuclear, biological and chemical weapons; IEDs; and aircraft explosive hazards," said U.
This could effectively render Safe Harbour obsolete.
The reduction of needlestick injuries over the past 10 years can be partially attributed to healthcare personnel taking the time to manually activate the safety shield to render safe a contaminated needle exposed to bloodborne pathogens.
EOD teams respond to stateside incidents because, in addition to being subject-matter experts in the rendering safe and disposal of improvised explosive devices, military EOD technicians are the only bomb technicians authorized to render safe and dispose of military ordnance.
In the field, this attitude will allow techs to quickly discern the bomb-maker's design and apply methods to disarm or render safe.
SSgts Anderson and Tree, 28 MXS Egress, safely evaluated the situation and quickly developed a course of action to render safe the explosive component associated with the handle.