render service

See: pander
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The application process for air operators seeking to render service from the Tupelo Regional Airport has been broadened.
If you want to live in an old-age home, live in a house, farm-house or if you want to live in my house, I would render service more than your son.
In his instructions to the Daughters of Charity, Vincent dismissed the idea that prayer be limited to "beautiful thoughts" and stressed the importance of "leaving God for God"--abandoning piety to render service.
Our toughest job is getting our total organization thinking in terms of how we render service to our customers.
The adjustments for SFAS 106 record a change from the prior method of expensing postretirement benefits as they are paid out to a method of accrual of the expected future costs during the years that employees render service to the company.
SFAS 106 requires companies to charge to expense the expected costs of post-retirement health care and life insurance (and similar benefits) during the years that the employees render service.
FAS 106 requires that the projected future costs of providing retiree benefits, such as health care and life insurance but excluding pensions, be recognized as an expense as employees render service instead of when the benefits are paid, as Ashland and most other companies historically have done.
106, as set forth by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, specifies that the cost of providing postretirement benefits other than pensions be accrued as employees render service rather than when benefits are paid.
Open Competition: Render service support of the official portal of the State public institutions of the city of Moscow Center for coordination of government agencies engineering services and administrative districts of the city of Moscow in 2015
It can help government leaders to evaluate how best to render service to their constituencies.
Asset Factory's on-demand render service supports major animation render packages, enabling clients to safely submit jobs to the secure render environment with their choice of render software.
Bereket Tekeste, said that the project would render service to Serha, Embabdhan, Kokobai, Maitsaeda, Embahsia, Tsaadakorso and Gubo villages.