render useless

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The former regime ran out of fuel in the last few months and the power generating machines were used in extreme conditions and because of that many transformers and other equipment were render useless.
Thus, with handing over of the centre, its facilities would render useless as its future would be decided as yet.
He went on to say this can be corrected by heating the end of the lever and bending it, not the trigger bar spring, which any significant degree of heat would render useless.
But doesn't this render useless the protection afforded by the umbrella?
On further reflection I came to realize that not to forgive was sowing a seed of bitterness which would eventually lead to another war and render useless the sacrifice my friends had made.
We will render useless all their tanks, warplanes, guns, ammunition, radar sites, etc.
In a 1979 protocol relating to the "protection of victims of international armed conflicts," Article 54, it states: "It is prohibited to attack, destroy, remove, or render useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population, such as foodstuffs, crops, livestock, drinking water installations and supplies, and irrigation works, for the specific purpose of denying them for their sustenance value to the civilian population or to the adverse Party, whatever the motive, whether in order to starve out civilians, to cause them to move away, or for any other motive.
Reconfigured aisles can render useless the overhead cranes used to move long loads like pipes and rolls of film.
Observation: The mirror legislation provision can render useless a dual resident company's losses in both countries, nonetheless, the court found it to be a proper exercise of regulatory authority.
Beijing fears the anti-missile shields will render useless its growing arsenal of missiles and force China into a costly arms race.