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RENDEZVOUS. A place appointed for meeting.
     2. Among seamen it is usual when vessels sail under convoy, to have a rendezvous in case of dispersion by storm, an enemy, or other accident,
     3. The place where military men meet and lodge, is also called a rendezvous.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Encapsulating the foundation of Louvre Abu Dhabi as a universal museum, Rendezvous in Paris brings together cross-cultural artworks, showcasing one of the key aspects of our mission."
"The elected mayor and cabinet have therefore asked that we work up a range of options to improve the Rendezvous Cafe and the surrounding area, the remaining section of the Northern Promenade and think about how best to connect the wider path from the outflow of the Briardene to St Mary's Island.
"After assessing forecast river levels and evaluating the state of the grounds around Fort de Chartres, the Rendezvous Planning Committee and site staff have made the hard decision to cancel the 49th Annual Fort de Chartres Rendezvous.
"Toll Brothers at Rendezvous defines Colorado living at its finest," says Mark Bailey, Toll Brothers Colorado Division President.
El Zoheiry explained that there are several benefits for holding this 'Rendezvous', including that the attendees of the event reserved about 3,000 tourist nights in Sharm El-Sheikh, which contributes to promoting and reviving tourism in Egypt.
In [16], to have better WSN energy saving, the authors plan rendezvous points for a mobile sink to travel by mapping sensors in a plane to a point on a Halin graph.
After successfully hosting the Phuket Rendezvous and Singapore Rendez Vous, the experienced and passionate team at Asia Rendez Vous Pte.
Li, "Time and covariance threshold triggered optimal uncooperative rendezvous using angles only navigation," in 2016 IEEE Chinese Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference (CGNCC), pp.
Rendezvous, a casual dining restaurant group that is under the consolidated umbrella of Bahrain Cinema Company, already offers diners a rich variety of multi cuisine exquisitely spread out in lunch and dinner buffets, making it the ideal stopover for families after a shopping spree or to give them the wholesome experience after watching a movie at any of its multiple outlets throughout Bahrain.
Gaurav Nigam, a well-known educationist, paediatrician and Director of Intelligentsia, play school of Modern International School announces the launch of initiative 'Rendezvous', to train children in learning to talk about their own emotions.
BDJ Rendezvous is one of BDJ Community's on-ground efforts to connect and inspire the Bellas.
This operation is called rendezvous, which is a fundamental and a vital process for initiating the connection of the SUs data communications.