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During Fergie's rendition, there were legitimately multiple breaks in the song, during which there was audible laughter from the entire arena - including Golden State Warrior's Draymond Green, who tried his best to keep a straight face, but couldn't.
The audience had a grand moment of leisurely Sunday listening in CYO's rendition of light music such as Green's Overture on Philippine Folksongs; Anderson's The Syncopated Clock, Fiddle Faddle; and John Williams' Superman theme.
Or the player can use a configuration delivered in a Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language [SMIL, pronounced "smile"] file--an XML file that describes each available rendition of a stream.
We "The investigation is into whether those flights - which were on the way to or from rendition operations - have broken Scots law.
Academics associated with The Rendition Project (therenditionproject.
The academics said rendition flights involve the transfer of suspects to locations abroad where they may have been tortured.
There has been no official investigation in Pakistan into its complicity in CIA extraordinary renditions and secret detentions, the report noted.
Lawyer Jonathan Man said the Hong Kong government had been served a "pre-action letter" seeking full disclosure of information related to Saadi s arrest and rendition.
Libyan military commander Abdel Hakim Belhadj is taking legal action against former British foreign secretary Jack Straw, to find out if he had signed papers allowing his rendition.
Abdel Hakim Belhadj, one of the leaders of anti-Gaddafi forces, said his rendition was "harrowing" and called for the police "to find not just the rank-and-file agents, but those ministers who were truly responsible".
I'd normally feel sorry for someone who made such a clanger on worldwide TV, but I just can't warm to Christina - and I got guilty pleasure out of hearing Simon Cowell describe her rendition as sounding like "100,000 people in a stadium had just sat on a cat".
Mr Ahern said he "could use a little more information" about the flights saying it might not be a bad idea to allow random inspections of a few planes to proceed, which would provide cover if a rendition flight ever surfaced.