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That very night our renegade returned and said he had learned that the Moor we had been told of lived in that house, that his name was Hadji Morato, that he was enormously rich, that he had one only daughter the heiress of all his wealth, and that it was the general opinion throughout the city that she was the most beautiful woman in Barbary, and that several of the viceroys who came there had sought her for a wife, but that she had been always unwilling to marry; and he had learned, moreover, that she had a Christian slave who was now dead; all which agreed with the contents of the paper.
When we had decided upon this the renegade told us not to be uneasy, for he would lose his life or restore us to liberty.
We at once gave the renegade five hundred crowns to buy the vessel, and with eight hundred I ransomed myself, giving the money to a Valencian merchant who happened to be in Algiers at the time, and who had me released on his word, pledging it that on the arrival of the first ship from Valencia he would pay my ransom; for if he had given the money at once it would have made the king suspect that my ransom money had been for a long time in Algiers, and that the merchant had for his own advantage kept it secret.
Yes," replied the ape-man, "but not the sort of natives which we would expect to find here in this part of Africa where others all go unshod with the exception of a few of Usanga's renegade German native troops who wear German army shoes.
They built over 135,000 Renegades in the first year of production.
SOUTH Wales Warriors made a fruitless raid over the Severn Bridge, losing a close-fought game with previously winless Berkshire Renegades in Reading.
THE Renegades are on the warpath and aiming to ambush a new wave of young-at-heart buyers.
The Melbourne Renegades know nothing but a win will do against the we-just-can't-seem-to-be-able-to-pick-up-a-win Sydney Thunder if they are to harbour hopes of making the semifinals of the Big Bash League.
Murali is still going strong and was our leading bowler last season with 11 wickets," said Renegades chief Stuart Coventry.
com)-- The Oakland Renegades Dragon Boat Team proudly announces that registration is now open for the first ever Oakland Dragon Boat Festival on August 10-11, 2013 at Lake Merritt in Oakland.
ENGLAND Twenty20 opening batsman Alex Hales has joined current Big Bash League leaders Melbourne Renegades as a replacement for the injured Marlon Samuels.
8am tmrw SYDNEY THUNDER were thumped by city rivals Sydney Sixers in their opening game of this year's Big Bash so they need a positive response in tomorrow morning's home game against Melbourne Renegades, writes James Milton.