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Therefore making unjustified claims that you are going to renege on your fair share of debt is one of the most irresponsible things a potential leader of an independent Scotland could be saying.
Among highly-skilled, in-demand professionals, including some physicians, the hotter the candidate, the more likely he/she will renege.
Despite fears that certain countries might renege on their pledges or illicitly produce banned chemicals, the atmospheric concentrations reflect general compliance with the treaty.
The Palestinians will see that they can agree to any deal, renege on it and not face any consequences, while the Israelis will notice that only their end of the bargain is deemed permanent while any commitments made towards them are temporary.
He then said: "Thank you, my lord, and can I be absolutely assured that there will not be a third renege.
as petty-cash-obsessed insurers renege on even minimalist support and should-be members balk at shelling out the dollar equivalent of a DVD and stay away in droves.
If you can suspend enough disbelief to think that two popes will commit suicide, contemporary cardinals will commit murder and mayhem, and the Catholic church will renege on previous teachings and allow abortion, priests to marry, negate papal infallibility, and condone nearly all other matters that would fall under the heading of sin--then you can go ahead and enjoy an otherwise suspenseful tale of intrigue.
To allow a company to renege on commitments it made in the past, just so it can further feed an insatiable appetite now for more profits and bigger bonuses is just flat-out wrong.