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The taxpayer thus would face a trade-off between maintaining the Roth account, which would risk possible reneging, and liquidating it, which in turn would risk sacrificing the account's future tax-free growth if Congress eventually decided not to renege.
Among highly-skilled, in-demand professionals, including some physicians, the hotter the candidate, the more likely he/she will renege.
If, as seems likely, the new Islamic-leaning leadership in Egypt reneges on the deal, will that mean that the Sinai will be given to Israel?
Although it is impossible to fix a precise probability on whether Congress will actually renege, thinking through all the possible scenarios for individuals in different circumstances can help a financial planner devise a prudent strategy.
They have accepted, they are not going to renege again, and I won't let them renege.
As for companies that cut deals and later downsize or renege on the number of jobs provided, all three representatives indicated they are being very careful about the way they draft agreements and are linking incentives to company growth.
To allow a company to renege on commitments it made in the past, just so it can further feed an insatiable appetite now for more profits and bigger bonuses is just flat-out wrong.
McCann also denied that he attempted to renege on deals to bring new players to Parkhead.
Since that time, Algamarca was acquired by ATTIMSA, who has attempted to renege on the contract after the fact, using various illegal means and failing to comply with the Peruvian judicial system.
With all the time and energy that's been spent improving the Metro system, we're not going to renege on that.