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Officials of the Enterprise Bank in Nigeria have alleged that the staff at the company's human resource service provider, First Spring Franchise Services, reneged on an agreement that had been arrived at between they and the company.
With hundreds of people at risk of losing their jobs, our members want to know what financial payments they will receive, but management at the site this week reneged upon a verbal agreement we reached previously.
Ms Horgan said: "Maybe this news will reopen the whole question of water charges again and bring to the public attention the fact that politicians have reneged on their promises.
Tony Blair has also reneged on his general election promise that he would listen
To suggest that Hearts reneged on any agreement is categorically misleading andan insult to the club.
In 1997, Labour's manifesto contained a firm commitment never to introduce student tuition fees, a promise reneged upon without any changed circumstances within a few short months.
After promising to pay the taxes, Lyon reneged, asserting his father was willing to accept the blame.
Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf has reneged on a promise to resign as the head of the armed forces.
CHICAGO, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- One of America's most prominent auto- racing personalities, Chip Ganassi, reneged on a multi-million dollar agreement, according to a lawsuit filed today.
acknowledges that NCLB "is still the right reform for our schools," but charges that the Bush administration "has cut its finding, reneged on promised resources .
He said the Home Office had reneged on a new funding formula which would have seen forces like the West Midlands receive more cash than less hard- pressed forces.
Not surprisingly, Lula's critics are irate that he reneged on his promise and fear the decree will lead to a permanent approval of altered soy, They want the government to employ rigorous environmental impact studies as required by the courts before making a permanent decision.