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Furthermore, there was nothing on record to indicate the parties' agreement to consider the deposit paid towards the purchase price as a non-refundable penalty for reneging on the contract.
This phenomenon is analogous to reneging in case of queuing theory.
In addition, it may not be beneficial for taxpayers to liquidate their Roth accounts at the merest hint that Congress is considering reneging because there would be uncertainty about whether this merest hint would develop into actual reneging.
It is easy to show that the cost of reneging increases the greater the number of periods remaining in the federal government's mandate.
While most companies should be able to honor their promises to workers and retirees, far too many are reneging on those promises and shifting costs to the pension insurance program.
her campaign got new ammunition, Reneging on a vow not to exploit the shootings, Robert Kennedy's daughter did just that.
The chief peace negotiator for Nepal's Maoist rebels accused the government on Thursday of reneging its pledge to release hundreds of rebels, saying the delay has stalled peace negotiations.
Courts have frequently applied the doctrine of equitable estoppel to prohibit either the Service or the taxpayer from reneging on an agreement embodied in a Form 870-AD (see Whitney, 826 F2d 896 (9th Cir.
Reneging still startles both HR and management because they don't see the connection with consolidations and mergers plus massive changes in health care.
This shift, from back lot to Edge City, from the almost domestic to the almost infrastructural, demands that Israel's own practice itself become more interdisciplinary and flexible without reneging upon its typically investigative architectural play.
By reneging on the revolving credit facility, they effectively shut down the project and put thousands of people out of work," said Howard Karawan, Chief Restructuring Officer of Fontainebleau Las Vegas.
The analysis reveals how small the probability of reneging must be in order for a Roth account to have a larger expected after-tax future value than a traditional account, described as the "break-even probability.