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Ancker and Gafarian, 1963a] studies M/M/1/N queuing system with balking and reneging and derive its steady state solution.
ANGER Unions consulting over the closure of Rio Tinto Alcan have accused bosses of reneging on deals over bonuses
Islamist Palestinian group Hamas accused the secular Fatah on Wednesday of reneging on a deal by which Hamas strongman Aziz Dweik would be restored to the position of speaker of the Legislative Council (parliament) after his released from jail, the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported Thursday.
She said: "It appears that the Post Office is reneging on that agreement and is determined to press ahead with these closures.
Majority Party Already Reneging on Promises of Bipartisanship
After the first year, the Wilsons' monthly payments jumped from $1,200 to $2,070 as a result of escrow shortages and the developer reneging on an agreement to pay taxes for the first year.
But promises he made, promises he's sometimes reneging on at considerable cost to his credibility.
LAST MONTH, in my article reflecting on how Greg Nichols had been let down by some of the very people he had left Australia to serve, I said: "It is the ones who are most culpable [for reneging on their 2001 agreement with BHB to pool pictures and data] who are now the most vociferous in their criticism of the architects of the modernisation and commercialisation of racing, as if trying to divert attention from their own errors.
While most companies should be able to honor their promises to workers and retirees, far too many are reneging on those promises and shifting costs to the pension insurance program.
her campaign got new ammunition, Reneging on a vow not to exploit the shootings, Robert Kennedy's daughter did just that.
The chief peace negotiator for Nepal's Maoist rebels accused the government on Thursday of reneging its pledge to release hundreds of rebels, saying the delay has stalled peace negotiations.
Courts have frequently applied the doctrine of equitable estoppel to prohibit either the Service or the taxpayer from reneging on an agreement embodied in a Form 870-AD (see Whitney, 826 F2d 896 (9th Cir.