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He said: "The Renew brand is already well known in the region.
He said they did not renew the licence because of some problems within the party.
Eighteen per cent of Villa and Baggies diehards said they would renew "whatever" the cost, while only nine per cent of Villa supporters and five per cent of West Brom fans would not renew if prices went up.
The objective of ReNeW is to provide scientific and technical input to OFES, to help that Office develop a strategic plan for U.
Japanese precedents are less clear about whether a supplier has an unimpeded right to refuse to renew a distribution agreement.
Restore, Replenish, Renew is open to the Northfield community and is advertised in area newspapers; hospital, LTC facility, and church bulletins; and, by that most effective medium, word of mouth.
who has many years left in her career," and said that Kudelka's decision to not renew her contract was not reflective of her "fine qualities as a dancer.
But some say a May 23 Fresno Bee front-page feature on Harvey may have hastened the board's decision not to renew his contract.
ACM is developing a new capability for members to renew their memberships online, The Association hopes to launch this capability at the beginning of the calendar year.
The March issue of Crisis, an American Catholic monthly periodical, had an article on the Renew 2000 Program, which some Canadian dioceses are conducting at present (see letter from Tignish, PEI, CI, March 1999, P.
If you said "all of the above," maybe you've already read To Renew America, in which the traits that make Gingrich both fascinating and scary are on neon display.