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a provider of custom color and additive solutions for the plastics and synthetic fiber industries, has addressed issues of compostability, renewability, reusability and degradability with its nBalance sustainable solutions.
As efforts toward sustainability and renewability garner attention, sciences that help these efforts will naturally become more developed as companies invest in them.
Equity, efficiency, adequacy, renewability, appropriateness, risk, peace, cost, employment, flexibility, timely decision-making, and aesthetics direct his evaluation of energy policy; at the same time, current urgency, future adequacy, historical responsibility, existing capacity, political viability, scientific integrity, sectoral comprehensiveness, international integration, resource sharing, economic efficiency, policy transparency, emissions verifiability, political incorruptibility, and implementational subsidiarity guide his assessment of climate change policy.
In the case of "Own-Occ" definition of total disability (then it goes to any occupation), mental nervous disabilities are only for 24 months, rates and renewability are not guaranteed, bonuses are not covered, benefit amounts are not locked in and benefits are taxable.
ActiveCloak for Media elevates basic DRM platforms to take application protection to a new level with integrated renewability, diverse security and piracy monitoring for a wide range of popular content distribution platforms, including tablets, smartphones, iPads, PCs, connected TVs, game consoles and hybrid STBs.
Part of the challenge, pointed out McDonald, is that our laws are based on assumptions of the renewability of resources, even though some resources, such as fossil fuels, are inherently non-renewable.
The insurance market reforms in the legislation address comprehensive major medical insurance coverage and not plans considered excepted benefits from the portability, access and renewability requirements of HIPAA.
By combining the renewability of Voxtar with the latest waterborne technology, high-solid alkyd paints and alkyd emulsion paints secure superior environmental performance with up to a 40% reduction in carbon footprint compared to traditional petroleum-based latex paints.
Research by the Alliance for Beverage Cartons & the Environment UK shows 97% of consumers believe renewability, not just recyclability, is very or quite important for food and drink packaging.
Under LEED-2009, GreenQuest cabinetry can earn points for: recycled content (particleboard and MDF); use of regional materials if from within a 500-mile radius; the rapid renewability of products (use of bamboo); use of low-emitting wood coatings and composite panel products; and use of FSC-certified species.