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Bridge Bank's Renewable Resource Group (RRG) offers a full complement of debt financing, advisory, and banking services to developers of renewable energy generation facilities.
Mieger said EPUD's "lofty goal" is to one day have all its power from renewable resources - or at least to meet Gov.
The plan proposes to meet growing customer needs by advocating more energy efficiency and demand-response, purchasing more renewable resources, expanding electric transmission lines and building or buying more energy from fossil-fuel power plants.
To create a sustainable world, inhabitants must use renewable resources no more quickly than they can be regrown.
Polyesters, Polycarbonates and Polyamides Based on Renewable Resources
New ways of making renewable building blocks; ethylene from renewable resources and complex mixtures from waste biomass
The Renewables Issues Forum will consist of three panel discussions, each comprising a unique set of industry experts: (1) Policy considerations related to a 33% renewables mandate, (2) technology and market solutions for reliable grid operations, and (3) planning opportunities and challenges associated with renewable resources.
Sugarcane is considered the most efficient renewable resource and when compared to corn, has an energy balance 7 times greater, does not rely on a competing food source, yields more than twice as much energy per acre, and has 3 times greater reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
Researching best practices and system designs to improve the growth of California's renewable resource portfolio.
EFI (Nasdaq:EFII), the world leader in color digital print servers, superwide format inkjet printers and inks, and print management solutions for commercial and enterprise printing, today announced commercial availability of its VUTEk[R] BioVu[TM] inks - the first environmentally friendly solvent inks made with totally renewable resources.
The Rohatyn Group, a specialized asset management firm focused on emerging markets, has announced that it has completed its acquisition of the GMO Renewable Resources, LLC ("GMORR") business from Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co.
It was filed last Friday and states the NWRA says the district overstepped its authority in awarding renewable resources a "monopoly" over county waste and recycling collection.

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