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Verne Global provides highly optimised, secure, scalable and 100% renewably powered data centre solutions offering forward thinking organisations significant and long-term cost savings.
IBM, for example, said it will cut its energy consumption 35 percent by 2020 and buy at least 20 percent of its power from renewably sources by that year.
The resort is unique in many ways--it produces over 90 percent of its power needs onsite, supports environmental education, uses New Zealand's first renewably sourced heating scheme and also grows a big amount of organic produce onsite.
The line consists of several constructions: woven rugs made of soft, renewably resourced SmartStrand, rugs crafted of Permastrand, printed nylon rugs and braided rugs.
Among the 19 companies covered in the report, Greenpeace described Apple as ''the most innovative and most aggressive in pursuing its commitment to be 100 percent renewably powered.'' Greenpeace also gave high marks to Apple rival, Google Inc., and Facebook Inc., which makes one of the most popular apps on the iPhone and iPad.
Besides natural oil-based polyols, one can now obtain polyols based on raw materials that are renewable; this is particularly true for polyesters, which can be made using diols and di-acids that are renewably sourced.
Specialists in high quality recyclate and renewably sourced cornpounds.
Dr Douglas Annan, senior vice president and site director of Sembcorp Utilities UK, said: "Wilton 11 is excellent news for Sembcorp, the Wilton International site and the Teesside area and marks an important milestone in our plans to grow our renewable energy capabilities "As well as creating jobs and bringing new investment to the area, it will produce electricity using a sustainable fuel source, re-use materials preventing them going to landfill and provide renewably sourced heat for use in power generation or for distribution to our industrial customers on site."
New from Nau ( this winter is the Down Sweater ($235), which combines recycled polyester (derived from post-consumer PET bottles) and renewably sourced 800-fill goose down in a light and low-profile twist on the winter puffy.
The tower is a beam of renewably powered white light which will shine into the sky every night until December 8, the anniversary of Lennon's death.