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Rehabilitation; reestablishment; substitution of a new right or obligation for another of the same or similar nature.

In regard to bonds, renewal signifies an extension of time for maturity. A stipulation for the renewal of a lease requires the making of a new lease, as opposed to an extension, which involves adding time to a leasehold agreement already in existence without executing a new instrument.


n. keeping an existing arrangement in force for an additional period of time, such as a lease, a promissory note, insurance policy or any other contract. Renewal usually requires a writing or some action which evidences the new term.


noun amelioration, comeback, enhancement, fixing, improvement, instauration, making over, melioration, mending, modernization, new start, readjustment, reanimation, rearrangement, rebirth, recharging, reclamation, recommencement, reconstruction, recrudescence, recrudescency, reestablishment, reformation, refreshment, regeneration, rehabilitation, reinstatement, reissue, rejuvenation, relapse, renaissance, renascence, renovatio, renovation, reopening, repair, repetition, replenishment, reproduction, restoration, resurrection, resuscitation, return, revamping, revision, revival, revivification, salvage
Associated concepts: motion to renew, renewal of a claim, renewal of a license, renewal of a motion
See also: continuation, recrudescence, reform, rehabilitation, repair, reparation, replacement, resumption, resurgence, revival

RENEWAL. A change of something old for for something new; as, the renewal of a note; the renewal of a lease. See Novation, and 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 800.

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Through the National Clergy Renewal Program, congregations apply for grants of up to $50,000 to support renewal programs for their pastors.
The maximum amount of orders for the duration of the renewal period n 1 is 150.000 euros HT, renewal n 2 is 150.000 euros HT.
READ: Locsin scraps birth certificate requirement for renewal of passport
The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication had issued a policy directive to PTA and Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) for renewal of three cellular mobile licenses in which the government is projecting to generate $1.37 billion in revenue.
Mahama said the E-renewal is only for the renewal of the cards but for a first-time registration, a client must come to the NHIS office in person to go through the necessary procedures.
Here's a breakdown of Q4/2018 commercial insurance renewal rate highlights:
During this renewal window, active RN and LPN licensees can renew for a reduced fee of $50 instead of $100.
This research is related to the improvement of the revitalization of the old municipal areas and the features of speedy urban growth, and sustained by observing at the current variations in urban renewal approaches in Local Government System at Punjab level.
According to the IVANS Index, premium renewal rate change activity by line of business for Q2 2018 included:
"Notably, across all lines of business, December was consistently one of the greatest premium renewal rate change months for the year," researchers said in a press release about the 2017 Q4 results.
For renewals, you will still pay the East Wenatchee's license fee which is based on your employee count The first BLS renewal may be prorated for less than a year in order to change your current city license expiration date to match with the expiration date BLS already has for your business in their system.
Cox soughtpermission to not upload the quarterly issues/programs lists and annual EEO reports for the stations' prior pending license renewal periods, which include one pending licenserenewal application for WALR-FM "Kiss 104.1" and two pending license renewal applications for WSRV-FM "97.1 The River" .