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The way to be a renewer of church and society is to proclaim and follow the Crucified One.
Effective renewers take deliberate steps, akin to those used in turnaround efforts, to manage operating and capital costs aggressively and to accelerate returns to make renewal affordable.
Effective renewers seize on cash-generating schemes that are easy to implement and execute them immediately, without waiting for the rollout of the main concept.
Successful renewers know from effective piloting which aspects of their concept create value under which conditions.
Renewers find creative ways to share costs with others who have a vested interest in their success.
Because retailers have such a diffused front line, successful renewers take various approaches to communication and training.
Successful renewers don't allow rollout to be the end of renewal.
Most renewers test their most promising ideas quickly and cheaply in stores set aside for the purpose.
Continuous renewers own and manage their assets in ways that enhance flexibility.
Location requirements alter over time, so successful renewers have to manage assets flexibly so they can open and close stores quickly.
Some continuous renewers use individual scorecards to raise aspirations and modify behavior down the line.