renounce citizenship

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You cannot cancel or invalidate citizenship by birthLuckily, Canada doesn't require anyone to renounce citizenship when you seek a passport.
Data showed that most of the requests to renounce citizenship were received by Israelis living in Germany, the US, Austria, the UK and the Netherlands.
They could not obtain citizenship of Kyrgyzstan as they did not renounce citizenship of their native country.
One thirty-something American residing in Geneva says that she wouldn't renounce citizenship based on tax issues, though related administrative issues do pose difficulties.
The state cannot renounce citizenship of a subject.
The basis for this claim is the fact that the government of Indonesia during the four years Obama was enrolled in school there required that one had to be a citizen of Indonesia and renounce citizenship in other countries in order to attend school.
As Arthur Danto recently stated in these pages, one can renounce citizenship but not being an American.