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TO RENOUNCE. To give up a right; for example, an executor may renounce the right of administering the estate of the testator; a widow the right to administer to her intestate husband's estate.
     2. There are some rights which a person cannot renounce; as, for example, to plead the act of limitation. Before a person can become a citizen of the United States he must renounce all titles of nobility. Vide Naturalization; To Repudiate.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Their leaders in New Bilibid Prison has renounced their gang affiliation, and so in the lower level,' he added.
Mr Rind was disqualified since it could not be established from the royal decree of Oman that he had renounced his Omani citizenship before contesting the election.
Hamid Khan, the counsel for Chaudhry Sarwar, submitted two documents to justify that the governor had renounced his foreign nationality in July 2013.
The attorney underlined a citizen of Kyrgyzstan can not be renounced of citizenship, the only condition is will expression by a citizen.
Haridwar (Uttarakhand) [India], Sep 27 ( ANI ): Yoga guru Ramdev on Wednesday said that Lord Ram, who renounced his kingdom should not be made a medium to get power or throne.
The 1933 letter was written with his wife, Elsa, to his sister Maja Winteler-Einstein about the dire situation in Germany, just minutes before they docked in Antwerp, Belgium, where Einstein renounced his German citizenship.
Mr Miguna has however said he has never renounced his Kenyan citizenship.
Last year, 4,365 people renounced the BiH citizenship, confirmed the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a statement to FENA.
Tony Abbott, who was born in London and was prime minister of Australia from 2013 to 2015, last week tweeted that he renounced his dual British citizenship in 1993, a year before he was elected to the Australian House of Representatives.
This comes after a group of 11 armed Taliban fighters also renounced violence and joined the peace process in Bala Bolok district of Farah after the group handed over their weapons to security forces, the statement read.
Anyone who renounces their American nationality will not be allowed to enter their former homeland, as was the case with entrepreneur Roger Ver, who was denied several non-immigrant visas to the US after he renounced his American citizenship last year because he didn't want to pay taxes.
A former Somali warlord who renounced his alliance with the Islamist Shebab group this summer was removed from a UN sanctions list Friday.Mohamed Said Atom, a powerful arms dealer, had been targeted with UN travel and financial sanctions for "kidnapping, piracy and terrorism."