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His thesis is that "pessimistic renouncement is the key to Arnold's entire oeuvre, both poetry and prose" (200).
It has to be a calm and tired act of renouncement, like closing the book, a private act that is part of the rhythm of life, the last stroke.
The Pope announced his renouncement from the office of the Bishop of Rome on February 11.
Former diplomat Denko Maleski said that following the local elections, the renouncement of the opposition's MPs will ensue and the crisis will spread on a local level which leaves room for major insecurity.
Tokyo only began to seek a more proactive (if still limited) role after Prime Minister Fukuda's 1977 renouncement of Japan's past aggression against its neighbours and his pledge of cooperation with Southeast Asia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
Although strict guidelines and regulations per se will not prevent sub-standard ethical review, the FDA's renouncement of the DoH may have long-term practical implications, and could encourage pharmaceutical companies to take ethical short cuts in developing and emerging countries.
In this respect, Nosferatu already anticipates Murnau's programmatic renouncement of traditional intertitles that disrupt the story.
Mecca Document urges a stance alongside with the Syrian people and renouncement of violence.
ISLAMABAD -- Adviser to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik failed to produce his British nationality renouncement certificate before the Supreme Court during the hearing of the dual nationality case on Monday
Whether this process is a mobilization within the same country, across international borders, voluntary or involuntary; it involves transition, renouncement of a familiar environment and adjustment to a new one (Marsiglia & Kulis, 2009).
Indeed, the renouncement of the MNLA's secessionist goal issued by Ibrahim ag Assaleh, a member of the MNLA's negotiating team who traveled to Burkina Faso for mediation talks, was immediately contradicted by its Paris-based spokesman, Moussa ag Assarid.
Following the renouncement, Saverin would turn into a citizen of Singapore, where he has been living for the past three years.