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The following summer at Fremont Elementary, classrooms will be renovated, a playground will relocate, and smaller classrooms and offices will get new technology and new furniture.
Most of them are in the District of Burgas - 236, with 75 already renovated and put into operation, and 132 construction and assembly activities started.
Under this, 500 small tanks were renovated in Trincomalee District.
FDE runs 422 schools of which 22 were renovated in first phase of the reform program.
Viewed in the context of current average rents, that may seem surprising, but new product tends to command rent premiums and maintain better occupancies, even compared to renovated properties.
The councillors believe that the minister's order to have the homes renovated following a visit to Hoora, bypassed their existing waiting lists, which prioritise houses according to the families' needs.
The schools, located throughout the Amman area, will receive 31 new and renovated classrooms, benefiting the over 4,550 young people who study there.
The truth is that in numerous cases, older school buildings can be renovated to 21st century standards with everything we'd expect in a new school," he says.
Although SHW Sports works predominantly in Texas, it has renovated and built facilities in Virginia, Maryland, and Michigan--the latter a hotbed for more indoor facilities such as natatoriums.
Once the families got their computers, Jacob taught many of them how to use their renovated machines.