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Only one house is a special case, which is subject to conflict between councillors on whether it should be renovated or not, but the minister took the right choice by having it renovated.
Thirty Thirty will ultimately enter the market as one of the most attractive hotels in New York, with the guest experience enhanced by newly renovated rooms and expansive lobby-level public spaces, which are the largest of any similarly sized hotel in the market.
LaPlaya Resort & Suites -- Newly renovated, heated pool at $129 a night
Spaeder, senior vice president of BPG who was responsible for the lease negotiations, commented, "We believe Catholic Health East's choice to relocate and consolidate locations at Ellis Preserve speaks to the quality and design of our newly renovated building and the caliber of amenities offered at the project.
According to John McLean Vice President, America First Communities, "This is a big occasion to have families move into renovated homes.
In addition to recognizing the best and most exciting commercial development projects in the State of New Jersey, the New Good Neighbor award acknowledges companies that have built, expanded or renovated buildings and development projects, thus improving the landscape as well as the New Jersey economy.
Arroyo Seco is marked for extensive improvements, including 13 additional classrooms; a new science building; remodeled classrooms; a renovated office; and a new gymnasium.
Acquired in May 2005 by Jacksonville Waterfront Partners, LLC, a joint venture between Oxford Lodging Advisory & Investment Group, LLC, and Longwing Real Estate Ventures, LLC, a member of the Dubai Investment Group, the property recently unveiled its renovated public spaces including front desk, lobby, gift shop, health club, pool and four new restaurants including the famed Plaza III steakhouse of Kansas City.
Park Place which was constructed in 1984 and was extensively renovated in 2003.
The theater's interior has been completely renovated, with dark red seats and eggplant-hued draperies, walls and ceilings.
has begun development on three separate projects with two different branches of the Armed Services for military housing privatization contracts that when complete will include 3,662 new and renovated military housing units for total project costs valued at over $650 million.
The following is the scope of work at each of the six park sites that will be renovated or created: