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Renovation of the Education Centre Kreminska Secondary School #3 in Kreminna;
The hotel is currently in the initial stages of a major renovation that will enhance the hotel's appeal while maintaining its character.
She was a maintenance worker at a golf course in suburban Edmonton and reported that several co-workers had experienced similar symptoms after the renovation of a fairway.
For instance, build new bleachers because they are worn out and need to be replaced--not because another school got new bleachers as part of a renovation or new construction effort.
Dan Racicot, president of the Timmins Construction Association, says his members have reported to him a slight increase in the number of renovation projects throughout the city just in recent months.
The renovation and expansion were challenging for the residents who were already living here.
The opposition to the present renovation project, in addition to not having much faith in the intelligence of churchgoing Catholics, fixates on the interior worship space of the cathedral proper.
If this sounds paranoid, Rose's description of the typical renovation process is more of the same.
With the cost of renovation rivaling or surpassing new construction--$50 per square foot is not unusual--the goal is to spend wisely.
This renovation consists of two parallel efforts--the rebuilding of a strong program of foundry and metalcasting education and research, and the renovation of the facilities to support these activities," said Thomas Kicher, dean of the Case School of Engineering.