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We have always planned to take the business global -- there's a really fragmented renovation market dominated by one-man band tradespeople, which leads to a lot of inefficiencies and a poor customer experience," said Jon Bridge, director of Refresh Renovations.
At the meeting, Siegel projected that the renovation of the 276-space parking area will be complete in six months, making the garage fully functional for the first time in several years.
1 -- 2 -- color) Above left, Evan, 5, left, and Ian Heidebrink, 6, gaze at the pendulum exhibit at the Griffith Observatory on Friday, its first day open to the public after extensive renovations.
Case 2: an 18-year-old man who was part of the golf course grounds maintenance crew that had worked on the renovation had fever, chills, headache, malaise, chest pain with deep inspiration, anorexia, and fatigue during the same period as the index case-patient, but did not seek medical attention.
Schools is in the midst of a major new construction and renovation effort that will see improvements or replacement of most of its 94 schools by 2006.
Figures supplied by the City of Timmins planning department show the number of permits for new construction, addition and renovations of residential property year-to-date for December 2003 was 481, compared to 791 in the year before.
This entire renovation project reflects a mature understanding of Eucharist that does not confine the sacrament exclusively to ritual.
If this sounds paranoid, Rose's description of the typical renovation process is more of the same.
A 'paint-and-powder' renovation, done without changes to mechanical systems or moving walls, is fairly inexpensive," notes architect Glen A.
Several industry executives initiated the renovation program after the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) Board of Directors met in 1991 at CWRU.
The tire renovation industry becomes attractive because of large quantities of discarded tires and the continuous growth of tire outputs.
As a renovation company, Prime Renovations must work alongside customers to ensure their business meets its intended goal.