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The first in honour as in arms, in renown as in place,'' said the Pilgrim, ``was the brave Richard, King of England.
The first who gave renown to this soldiery was Alberigo da Conio,[*] the Romagnian.
Such was the first distinguished exploit of Miss Frederica Vernon; and, if we consider that it was achieved at the tender age of sixteen, we shall have room for the most flattering prognostics of her future renown.
There is something very sad in the extinction of a family of renown, even if it was fierce, domineering, feudal renown.
His renown and his fortune were great enough for M.
This was Eric o' Lincoln, of great renown, whose name had been sung in ballads throughout the countryside.
And, be it remembered, the heroes of Hambledon played for money and renown only, while David was champion of a lady.