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When, after a spell on the job, his rent collector comports himself like a man with no interest whatsoever in worldly possessions, the Sheikh notes that Muharrem hasn't yet found himself a wife and that, if he's willing, he'll donate his favorite daughter to serve in that capacity.
John Sharkey, via email Rent collectors IT TELLS you how shambolic social housing has become when properties are being turned into cannabis farms.
The public as a whole remembers the old time "rent man" and when you, as a Property Manager, tell them of your business, they conjure up a picture of the old bicycle-riding rent collector.
The retired rent collector planned to display detailed drawings of Windy Nook in a new book, but passed away before he could see it published.
He worked as a rent collector, in London as a sign writer and served in Cyprus and Palestine in the Armed Services.
Mr Ward said: "Lowry was a regular at Sam's for many years as his day job as a rent collector was based just around the corner.
Pub owner Roger Ward said: "Lowry was a regular at Sam's for many years as his 'day job' as a rent collector was based just around the corner at the Pall Mall Property Company.
He was demobilised in 1947 and returned to Huddersfield where he worked as a spinner, a joiner, a window cleaner, and a rent collector before buying his own waste paper business.
Lizzie told the jury she and her pals thought Brown, who worked as a caretaker and rent collector at the flats, was "all right" at first.
He was a rent collector whom I knew by sight, a short, round-shouldered, pigeon-toed man of middle age, with a pouting oval face and the first pair of rimless spectacles in Dan y Graig Street.
Bill Sutton's wife thinks he earns an honest crust working as a rent collector.