rent payer

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As it is, the TNT hub gets to live another day, Liege gets to retain its biggest rent payer and its credentials as a secondary European cargo hub remain intact.
I am the largest rent payer here, I have been in wholesale for 30 years and retail for ten years.
The museum job is a last-ditch rent payer, which he lands when the three old guys who've been doing it for years (Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney and Bill Cobbs, none of whom are particularly well used) retire.
Rates and/or Government rent payers who have received the requisition form (R1A) issued by the Rating and Valuation Department are reminded to complete and return the form to the department as soon as possible.
All Worcester taxpayers and rent payers should be concerned with who will be our next city manager.
It's time the council tax payers of Coventry stop paying their taxes, rent payers stop paying their rent and ask the council to let us all off.
Alan Simpson said: "Desperate council with no idea, taking the easy option and in turn shafting the rent payers in favour of fat cat bankers.
Be sure to let your rent payers know whenever you install new technologies or make improvements that save them money.
The remaining two-thirds was paid by all other rent payers in the borough.
Landlord Home Group was found to have serious failings in care for thousands of rent payers across the North.
Management cannot afford to forget that parents are usually the rent payers, and they have to avoid marketing tactics that would be potentially offensive to their "true" customers.
Surely the said housing association should be showing some concern for its rent payers or are they waiting for it to become officially known as a ghetto?