rent payer

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As it is, the TNT hub gets to live another day, Liege gets to retain its biggest rent payer and its credentials as a secondary European cargo hub remain intact.
"I am the largest rent payer here, I have been in wholesale for 30 years and retail for ten years.
They were shown picking over bones with labels such as 'Rent Payer', 'Liberty', 'Law', 'Tax Payer', 'Justice' and 'Suffrage' and above their heads could be seen a lightning bolt about to start a landslide that would sweep them away.
"In order to support any purchase, the council require to prepare a robust business case to demonstrate the purchase would provide best value for the council house rent payers of Aberdeen.
The landlords' chief concern is the long-term leasing of large spaces to high-credit tenants, because these "guaranteed" rent payers are paramount to obtaining property financing.
The registered rent payers of KMC will surely be compensated for their troubles, said Akhtar.
Government rent payers who have not received their demand notes should enquire at the Government Rent and Premium Unit of the Lands Department at 1/F, North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
"All Worcester taxpayers and rent payers should be concerned with who will be our next city manager.
It's time the council tax payers of Coventry stop paying their taxes, rent payers stop paying their rent and ask the council to let us all off.
Alan Simpson said: "Desperate council with no idea, taking the easy option and in turn shafting the rent payers in favour of fat cat bankers.
Be sure to let your rent payers know whenever you install new technologies or make improvements that save them money.
The remaining two-thirds was paid by all other rent payers in the borough.