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Sirens rent the air as vintage TVs jostled for space among laptops, projection screens and power cables on a very crowded stage
Slogans criticizing King Gyanendra also rent the air.
She went away from me and moved through the fair Where hand-slapping dealers' loud shouts rent the air The sunlight around her did sparkle and play Saying 'It will not be long love till our wedding day'.
The windows shuddered as the deafening sound rent the air.
Contract notice: Reagents microbiological culture media with the lease of the camera for the detection of microorganisms in the blood and body fluids, and rent the air conditioner for general microbiology laboratory in a team of health care in debica.
A deafening roar of ' Modi Modi' rent the air as Modi entered the Allphones Arena.
The slogans of 'Bajwa Murdabd' and 'Majithia Virudh Sjish Murdabd' rent the air.
Shouts of "Pakistan down, down" and "Live long our martyrs" rent the air as the bodies of the soldiers were brought for cremation, leaving the atmosphere charged.
Now ragged cheers from the few remaining supporters rent the air.
Closer examination of the scene revealed a goodly number of protesting transport workers, (outnumbered by the police by approximately 2-1) who then rent the air with an ear-splitting cacophony of increasingly loud chants, patriotic songs, whistles and klaxon horns, accompanied by the vigorous waving of flags and banners.
Well-known types were called upon to read their favourite pieces of literature and while that sage of Crosby, the screenwriter-turned children's author Frank Cottrell Boyce, held the audience spellbound, a horrendous sound rent the air.
Over a two-day period the machinegun fire intermittently rent the air, because, Chung says, the soldiers were withdrawing and returning periodically.