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[beaucoup moins que] Cette rentee scolaire, avec les efforts de tous dont l'AADL, l'ENPI, les services de la wilaya qui ont suivi avec serieux la realisation de ces etablissements scolaires, nous esperons une meilleure rentree meilleure que les precedentes annees [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il conclu.
Summary: Whether you are the renter or you are the rentee, you have to know these Landlord rules
Being a rentee may seem expensive, but it provides an easy option with no risk.
Certes, chez nous, [beaucoup moins que]la rentee litteraire[beaucoup plus grand que] est liee immediatement a la rentree scolaire et les manuels qui remplissent les librairies et le marche.
"Everyone knows the government's coffers are empty; the teachers have been protesting for two years and they are still in the street," the rentee said.
Size of total holdings (ha.) 100% 34.8 42.3 Renter 7% 41.8 41.6 Rentee 23% 12.1 2.8 Percent inheriting farm 7% 28.7 30.3 Has additional agricultural fields 17% 32.5 33.8 Size of total farm holdings according to farm status Percentage (in ha.) Maximum Minimum ha.
Pour diverses raisons juridico-financieres, les parties dans l'arret Thibault voulaient que ce type de contrat soit considere comme etant un contrat de rentee (25).
It applies if the lessee or rentee has furnished the lessor with a certificate of insurance or a copy of the auto policy making the lessor an additional insured on the lessee's or rentee's policy, and, as noted, such insurance is not collectible.
What is new is the length of adolescence--that time between childhood and entry into roles that are markers of adulthood (such as husband, wife, or parallel status; employee in a permanent job; rentee or mortgagee).
You're embarrassed when you put it on the counter, but a true video-store worker will also be baked and give you that knowing "You're renting The Beastmaster, which the bald guy behind you doesn't understand, but we both know" look - "We know that we're both baked and I'm the video-store dude and you're the baked rentee. Two archetypes consummating the charter of their sacred constitution."
Once an apartment is rented, the rentee is charged a percentage of the first month's rent the renter doesn't pay anything.
Pour ce qui est de la rentee scolaire, le wali a instruit les responsables de la DEP d'accelerer les travaux pour receptionner les etablissements non encore livres dans la ville Ali-Mendjeli.