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The report concludes that rental affordability is improving, as 2016 marks the fifth consecutive year in which renter incomes increased faster than rents, reducing the share of cost burdened renters.
Deegan added that among many reasons, Renter Nation was formed to fight negative cultural images of renters.
Renters can review brokers they work with, and brokers can request reviews.
Community and government agencies are witnessing an influx of renters who are facing a struggle to find adequate housing options, or the instant cash necessary to respond to an unexpected notice to vacate.
When a city secures a developer to revitalize a neighborhood, widen a street, or build a park, there's often not much renters or landowners can do.
Renters were also much more financially fragile than homeowners.
The 52% of renters who do have renters' insurance said they purchased policies to feel more protected.
Most vehicle rental or lease agreements require that the renter provide a minimum amount of insurance on the vehicle.
The Insurance Information for renters also has brochures for renters and owners, including Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.
When compared to the previous survey period, the year-on-year increase in median renter income was the highest over the past decade.
amp;nbsp;The party-throwing renter was charged with disorderly conduct.