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RENTE. In the French funds this word is nearly synonymous with our word annuity.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Renter's insurance typically contains two parts: The first protects the renter from lawsuits brought by passengers or others who claim that they suffered bodily injury, or people who claim that the renter negligently damaged their property while using the rented aircraft.
Calling security deposit complaints from renters a nationwide problem, Renter Nation COO Steve Crawford cited surveys recently conducted by Tenants Together, California's statewide renters' rights group.
* Only a third of renters have cataloged their homes' inventories compared with 44 percent of homeowners.
Still, even if renters reside in suburbs farther from the city, where housing costs are lower per square foot, transportation costs must be taken into account when considering affordability for the renter.
The site, which launched last year, was initially aimed at renters, allowing home-seekers to organize all listings from various sites, including, Craigslist and the New York Times, and place them on a single map that they could share with roommates.
According to a July 2007 survey by the Washington D.C.-based National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) 55 percent of apartment executives said that the subprime mortgage meltdown and stricter mortgage credit had decreased the number of renters leaving apartments to become homeowners In January 2008, just 6 months later, that number had jumped to a startling 79 percent.
These results are all consistent with a conclusion that renters nearing retirement have a high rate of time discounting which results in their not purchasing a home and simultaneously failing to save for retirement.
Insurance providers such as GEICO and USAA also strongly recommend service members get renters insurance.
NY 1999), the federal court addressed the question of whether the car rental company had to provide insurance coverage for an accident when the car was being driven by someone other than the renter. The court said that the rental car customer, by allowing an unauthorized third party to drive the car, breached the rental agreement and this negated liability coverage on the part of the rental company.
The report also includes information from Tenant Watch's informant database--details about a renter from a network of landlords.
For a hazardous repair problem--say, a building is falling apart--go to a local building inspector to seek resolution," says Marcia Stewart, co-author of Renter's Rights: The Basics.
Rochon, 24, opened her business back in 2000 because she was disappointed over the fact that cottage owners could not easily rent out their unused cottages over the summer because of a lack of communication and co-ordination between cottage property owners, cottage advertisers and vacation renters. Many of the property owners, she says, also live outside the country and cannot take care of all aspects of renting their cottage.