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5) Their findings imply that the motives farm owners had for renting out their farms may have been more complex, encompassing not just economic considerations but a variety of concerns intimately related to the needs of the family unit as a whole and its individual members.
In 1987, after Colbert ceased renting to third parties, his mother-in-law resided in the property without charge.
The state-enacted vacancy increases are a minimum $100 rise, or 20 percent upon vacancy for two-year leases on apartments renting under $300.
Where an apartment is already renting at the market rent or the owner is happy with the current tenant because they make timely rent payments or for another reason, a change in the law may not matter one way or the other.
Because of the 1994 deregulation legislation that allows owners to attempt to deregulate apartments renting for $2,000 or more where the renters make $250,000 a year for two years, the number of renters making that much money is now about the same as those in unregulated units - 3,840 versus 3,531.
Each of these 26 agencies has thousands of pages of regulations, and property owners, even the two-family homeowner renting one apartment, are subject to every page.
Owners will also be able to obtain a $20 surcharge on apartments renting for less than $400, even though everyone agrees that such a low rent does not come close to covering real costs, pegged at $500 or more per unit.
When this concept is examined against the backdrop of luxury decontrol (pertaining to apartments renting for more than $2,000), there is a significant prospect of being able to create a vacant apartment that is exempt from both Rent Control and Rent Stabilization.
Currently, any apartments in the city renting for over $2,000 per month are decontrolled upon vacancy.