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This, I am afraid to say, is not the only limitation of The Socially Involved Renunciate.
The Buddha established only one framework for mature renunciate women, and that is the bhikkhuni Sangha.
In SPS-P, the story of the king is a framing story for a lengthy discourse on the benefits of the renunciate lifestyle (samannaphala).
The monks and nuns wear the orange robes (kavi) of Hindu renunciates.
But no matter how vociferously they may renunciate their whiteness, white people do not lose the power associated with being white.
It might rather detract from it, since it would then be the act of a comparatively invulnerable being rather than that of a normally sincere mortal renunciate burdened with the contested value judgments and ethical struggles true to the case under discussion.
5 the word Yajnavalkya uses to describe his departure is pravrajisyan 'about to wander forth', which became a technical term for becoming a renunciate and has been interpreted as such here.
In terms of the Manu Laws of Hinduism women were debarred from holy Order and could not lead the independent renunciate life of a Buddhist nun.
During the final stage, sannyasa, one becomes a renunciate, free from worldly obligations.
Young women have been sent by the king to seduce the bodhisattva so that he will be no longer interested in becoming a renunciate.
The head of this mutt, the last one of which was Srinivasa's uncle, is a renunciate bearing the title Ekangi Swami.
I liked, especially, Sengaku Mayeda's study of a nineteenth-century untouchable renunciate, Narayana Guru, for the way it highlighted the innovative capacities implicit in traditional thought and behavior--in this case, an unusual combination in one unlikely person of social uplift and withdrawal from society that would, indeed, have delighted the Adisamkaracarya--if not many of his followers.