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The Abandonment of a right; repudiation; rejection.

The renunciation of a right, power, or privilege involves a total divestment thereof; the right, power, or privilege cannot be transferred to anyone else. For example, when an individual becomes a citizen of a new country, that individual must ordinarily renounce his or her citizenship in the old country.


n. 1) giving up a right, such as a right of inheritance, a gift under a will, or abandoning the right to collect a debt on a note. 2) in criminal law, abandoning participation in a crime before it takes place, or an attempt to stop other participants from going ahead with the crime. A defendant may use renunciation as evidence of his/her innocence. Once the crime is underway, any claimed renunciation is factually too late.


noun abandonment, abdicatio, abjuration, abnegation, cancellation, cession, demission, denial, disaffirmation, disallowance, disapproval, disavowal, disavowment, discard, disclaimer, discontinuance, disinheritance, disownment, elimination, exclusion, forswearing, giving up, negation, omission, proscription, rebuff, refusal, rejection, relinquishment, reprobation, repudiatio, repudiation, repulsion, retraction, sacrifice, shutting out, spurning, swearing off, veto, waiver, withdrawal, yielding
Associated concepts: renunciation of a contract, renunciation of a will
See also: abandonment, abdication, abjuration, ademption, cancellation, confutation, continence, declination, denial, desertion, disclaimer, disdain, expense, rebuff, refusal, rejection, relinquishment, repudiation, rescision, resignation, retraction, reversal, sacrifice, waiver

RENUNCIATION. The act of giving up a right.
     2. It is a rule of law that any one may renounce a right which the law has established in his favor. To this maxim there are many limitations. A party may always renounce an acquired right; as, for example, to take lands by descent; but one cannot always give up a future right, before it has accrued, nor to the benefit conferred by law, although such advantage may be introduced only for the benefit of individuals.
     3. For example, the power of making a will; the right of annulling a future contract, on the ground of fraud; and the right of pleading the act of limitations, cannot be renounced. The first, because the party must be left free to make a will or not; and the latter two, because the right has not yet accrued.
     4. This term is usually employed to signify the abdication or giving up of one's country at the time of choosing another. The act of congress requires from a foreigner who applies to become naturalized a renunciation of all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, whereof such alien may, at the time, be a citizen or subject. See Citizen; Expatriation; Naturalization; To renounce.

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Grace Poe, think they found a smoking gun in her alleged use of a US passport after her renunciation of her US citizenship, supposedly making up for Sheryl Cruz's dud bombshell.
The haters, however, do not understand the US renunciation of citizenship process and why Poe's later use of a US passport is legally irrelevant.
Poe only swore the US oath of renunciation, which has very specific requirements under US law, before the US vice consul in Manila on July 12, 2011.
Lawyer Manuelito Luna now challenges Poe's renunciation of US citizenship in 2010 because she used her US passport to enter the United States afterward, allegedly in September 2011.
In the light of the results of the first marketing year, with the renunciation of quotas having failed to reach the levels originally expected, the European Commission submitted a proposal to encourage the renunciation of a further 3,8 million tonnes with the aim of reaching a total of six million tonnes by 2010.
Fitzsimmons devotes the remainder of his book to a systematic examination of the ramifications of the various renunciations.
The text of Savina's will indicated that Angela had made all the necessary renunciations when she professed in 1586.
Luisa de Collantes made her renunciation in favor of the aunt who paid her dowry and other entrance expenses.
Profession and a declaration of renunciation did not mean that female relatives had severed all ties to the secular world.
Grace Poe, think they found a smoking gun in her alleged use of a US passport after her renunciation of US citizenship, supposedly making up for Sheryl Cruz's dud bombshell.
If Poe traveled to the US in September 2011, US law explicitly required her to use her US passport despite her renunciation of citizenship, which was still being processed.
Finland, Italy and Slovakia expressed their concern that the Commission's proposal would give beet growers the possibility of initiating the restructuring process themselves by directly applying for renunciation of production quota aid, thus jeopardising the continuation of viable sugar factories still in operation on their territories.