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The process by which a court adopts the rules of a foreign jurisdiction with respect to any conflict of laws that arises.

In some instances, the rules of the foreign state might refer the court back to the law of the forum where the case is being heard.

The term renvoi also refers to the rules that, in a lawsuit by a nonresident upon a cause arising locally, the capacity to sue is determined by the law of the nonresident's domicile, rather than by local law.

The doctrine of renvoi is seldom followed in the United States and has also been rejected by a number of foreign legal scholars.


to send back, the doctrine in PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW that remits a question of choice of law back to the system from which the cause arose in the first place. The doctrine can result in a ‘magic roundabout’ because a double renvoi theory can apply where a court tries to place itself in the place of the foreign court and to decide it like the foreign court. The Contracts (Applicable Law) Act 1990 applying the European Rome Convention excludes the doctrine of renvoi. The Private International Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1995 excludes the doctrine in delict. In relation to wills, renvoi is excluded as to formal validity by the Wills Act 1963.
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(3) Deux autres questions faisaient aussi l'objet du Renvoi : << L'Assemblee nationale, la legislature, ou le gouvernement du Quebec possede-t-il, en vertu du droit international, le droit de proceder unilateralement a la secession du Quebec du Canada?
Renvoi is a question without an answer--or, rather, it is a question with three possible answers, all of which are wrong for some reason or another.
Il doit pour cela attendre l'execution de son renvoi (22).
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La ministre a fait encore parler d'elle ces derniers temps sur les grossesses non desirees en milieu scolaire qu'elle abhorre et n'hesite pas a sanctionner par des renvois.
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Les avis exprimes par la Cour supreme du Canada sur les questions posees dans un renvoi par le gouverneur en conseil constituent toujours des moments forts de la vie juridique au Canada.