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In order to allow the patient to fully reobtain his/her motor function, constant torque-impedance exercises can be executed with the device to enhance the strength of the patient's affected muscles.
In this way, we reobtain (183) with the right hand side given by A, 200).
Example By the above general results, we can now reobtain as particular cases some known expressions for the mean densities considered in literature in facing certain problems of applicative interest.
As is described, based on the key K, the sender encrypts messages noted by M to generate the ciphertext C which is transmitted over insecure channel, and the authorized receiver decrypts it using the same key that has helped in the encryption [5], and reobtain the transmitted plaintext M.
For example we can reobtain several classes introduced earlier by (Jahangiri, 1998), (Shaqsi & Dams, 2008), (Ahuja & Jahangiri, 2003).
Note that for s = 1 we reobtain the definition of (almost) cosymplectic structure.
In the particular case n = [[mu].sub.1] = 1, k = [[delta].sub.1] = [[lambda].sub.1] = 0 and [f.sub.1] = f we reobtain the well-known result: if f is a starlike function and f(z) = zF'(z), then F is a convex function.
With leveled commitment, agents need not carry out feasibility checks up front because if an agent ends up overcommitted, it can decommit from some of the contracts to reobtain feasibility.
In order for certain countries to reobtain that growth capital, they need to immediately institute transparency and accuracy in their financial practices.
To obtain the anomalies of the Chern-Simons theory, we should reobtain the gauge variation of the CGG-action in (4) in terms of field-strengths and curvatures.
Currently, patients mainly perform ankle exercise to reobtain range of motion (ROM) and strength of ankle joint under therapist assistance by manual operation.
Consent for repeat metyrapone testing was reobtained in each case.