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IDF sources said plans to stop Kassam rocket fire include the reoccupation of the northern Gaza strip, from which most rockets have been fired, or the stepping up of targeted operations to take out rockets and rocket crews before the projectiles are launched.
In 1896, he began the re-conquest of Sudan culminating in the Battle of Omdurman and the reoccupation of Khartoum in 1898, becoming a national hero in Britain.
Mr Alpher said that any new war would either be very limited in scope or a much more comprehensive reoccupation.
The enemy welcomes extreme hardship and loss of life ("martyrdom") and seemingly would welcome reoccupation.
Hunger and anarchy, they hope, will motivate Gazans to turn on Hamas, and the anarchy will perhaps be used to justify a reoccupation by the Israeli military and see the return of the quisling President Mahmoud Abbas, who was ousted after he led an abortive coup to overthrow the democratically elected Hamas government.
The military offensive will not lead to an Israeli reoccupation of the coastal area it pulled out of last year, Olmert was quoted as telling lawmakers at Parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.
I think, what we're witnessing now is reoccupation of Gaza Strip.
The only comfort is that Israeli defence chiefs have refused to consider a reoccupation of Gaza.
Israel's defence minister revealed he is not ruling out a reoccupation of the entire Gaza Strip, home to more than one million Palestinians.
After telling Sharon a month ago to pull his troops out of their brief reoccupation of a sliver of Gaza, he ducked behind Bush's campaign-rhetoric Mideast policy of "Clinton not"--hands off until conditions ripen on their own to create a greater likelihood of an Israeli-Palestinian rapprochement.
The agreement also foresaw the disarmament of the rebels and the reoccupation by the government of the villages they hold within a month.