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Israel might redeploy its army in areas it reoccupied following Al-Aqsa
56: Protesters in Bishkek pushed a police cordon and reoccupied the area of Ala Too central square.
Israel reoccupied East Jerusalem during a 1967 war and considers it part of the Israeli capital.
The building was renovated in 2004 and reoccupied by the AFLMA in 2005.
THE Prime Minister is reoccupied with Africa - poverty, AIDS, etc.
A spokesman for the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) in Georgia commented: "The Russian troops reoccupied Perevi and even deployed a large number of troops in and around the village.
Nevertheless it seems to me their demolition was a thinly-veiled "shock-tactic" in the hope the planning authority would grant permission for almost any purpose to have the bomb site appearance of these very visible areas quickly reoccupied.
The building has had a wide variety of uses since the Civic Centre opened in 1987, but was recently reoccupied by Gateshead Council as part of a pounds 1.
f] each generic room is reoccupied by 1 person for 12 h per day.
When the Secretariat Building's refurbishment is complete, it would be reoccupied and the new neighboring tower would be used to consolidate the UN's plethora of offices scattered throughout Midtown and the Eastside.
Because Lithuanians faced the very real and tangible danger of being reoccupied, they embraced a not-so-tangible danger and joined the EU.
The troops told Kevin they were going back as they heard it had been reoccupied.