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An employer should request that the employee provide medical information indicating: whether the employee was seen by a physician; whether the physician made any objective findings; whether the stress the employee is suffering from will reoccur; whether medication was prescribed; the type and nature of any restrictions; the expected duration of any restrictions; whether the physician is aware of the employer's modified work program, as described (if there is one); whether the physician is aware of the duties and tasks normally performed by the employee, as described; and whether, given the restrictions, modified work program or job description, the employee is able to return to work.
Peter Sichrovsky, an Austrian journalist, found that almost every child believed the same horrific events could reoccur. That Sichrovsky is a Jew seems to have induced in his subjects a confessional tone.
Simply take a sharp craft knife and cut out the area of lining paper that's no longer stuck to the wall, ensuring you remove it all so the problem doesn't reoccur.
The Transportation Security Administration is currently investigating the incident, and a spokeswoman said that the agency would take action to ensure that the same type of incident does not reoccur, Reuters reported.
SUNDERLAND, where only around half the runners at last Friday's meeting were able to be weighed at kennelling after a fault developed with the electric scales, has taken steps to ensure the situation does not reoccur by bringing its old Avery scales out of retirement.
The cries of the children had--at last--been heard, and changes were made ensuring that such a tragedy would not reoccur.