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What he doesn't need is the reoccurrence of an ankle injury.
In November, GameStop said Raines had a reoccurrence of his previously disclosed medical issue and was seeking treatment.
King Abdullah also emphasized the necessity of removing measures adopted by the Israeli side since the outbreak of the crisis and the importance of agreeing on measures to prevent the reoccurrence of such escalation in the future, in a manner that ensures respect for the historical and legal status in Al-Haram al-Sharif.
The governorate's municipality is contracting with a security company to prevent the reoccurrence of the incident.
We make a heartfelt plea to the Government to take measures to ensure corrective systems and procedures are put in place immediately to prevent the continued reoccurrence of these tragic incidents.
He expressed rejection of this phenomenon, stressing discussing coordination with the Health Ministry, health service providers and Bahraini Physicians Society to avoid the reoccurrence of the same.
Hariri, in turn, remained in contact with Mayor of Sidon, Mohamed Saudi, and security forces, who updated her on the circumstances of the incident, the conditions of the injured, the actions taken to find out the causes and responsibilities, and the future measures to ensure more public safety and avoid any reoccurrence of such incidents.
The following measures have been taken to check reoccurrence of such irregularities:
Summary: Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea Wednesday marked the anniversary of the mountain reconciliation, saying all parties must do everything in their power to avoid the reoccurrence of violence.
There will also be changes in the security apparatus line-up, Al-Abadi told the local media, pointing out a number of plans to protect Iraqi constitutional institutions and prevent reoccurrence of such incidents.
Input will be given to our staff in association with our clients at Conwy council to prevent a reoccurrence.