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The reviewers searched for evidence about the benefit of stopping these medications versus the risk that discontinuing use would result in a reoccurrence of distressing dementia symptoms.
During the months that the patients shared a room, they also shared coincident reoccurrences of CDI.
A PART of the M8 was shut again for four hours due to black ice - just weeks after our new transport minister stated that he had put measures in place to prevent a reoccurrence of the shambolic disaster which closed the motorway for two days in December.
Preventing reoccurrence is a necessity for both the league, who wants to maintain its image, and for the Lions.
The new regulations will help ensure that ships safely negotiate the sensitive waters of the reef and hopefully prevent a reoccurrence of another environmental travesty such as the grounding of the Chinese bulk carrier Shen Neng I, which leaked three tons of oil after hitting a sandbank.
There are several different riders that help separate one plan from another such as a return of premium rider, which pays back the premium to the insured after the expiration of a policy, and a reoccurrence rider, which pays additional claims if the policy holder suffers from a separate incidence of cancer.
The Wales international suffered a reoccurrence of a neck in the loss to Glasgow and was forced off at half time.
After discovering leaked fuel from vents on two 200K fuel bladders, the Fuels Management Team had to devise a method of getting accumulated water from atop the bladders; determine root causes for the accumulation and resulting spill; and develop procedures to prevent reoccurrence at Balad while bringing awareness to MAJCOM and other deployed locations.
Therefore, the least that the new ministerial team can do is to deal with this congestion and prevent its daily reoccurrence.
It's obviously a mistake, perhaps a continual reoccurrence of a navigational fault and not the peace loving Russians testing our readiness to defend our borders.
Experts at Clinique say following this routine twice a day will help minimise the reoccurrence and the severity of breakouts.
Dealing with reality as a predominantly tactile experience, in these works the photographer pairs colorful pills with a spoon, a shoe, a glass mug, and a rose--and records the reoccurrence of beauty in all of them.