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By reorganizing our home entertainment division now, we are positioning ourselves to deliver entertainment to people wherever, whenever and however they want to enjoy it," Feingold said.
As a result, Appeals is reorganizing to consolidate LBS and General Appeals and structuring the organization on a more geographic basis.
Consolidating the activities in Plano and reorganizing has allowed Krenz to contribute to EDS's corporate goal to reduce overhead and unnecessary expenses.
Announces Reorganization of Company" moved earlier today, we are advised by the company that the third graph, first sentence should read "The trustee has retained 4,250,000 shares for use in reorganizing the company," sted of "The Aschermans have returned 4,250,000 shares of their holdings to the treasury for use in reorganizing the company," as originally issued.
It automates most of the work involved in reorganizing databases, helping to eliminate process errors.
If judicial activism were valid grounds for reorganizing the courts, we would have to restructure the U.