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The Family Farmer Bankruptcy Clarification Act reiterates Congress earlier action to enable bankrupt family farmers reorganizing their debts to treat capital gains taxes owed to a governmental unit, arising from the sale of farm assets during a bankruptcy, as general unsecured claims.
By reorganizing treasury into a value-added financial center for EDS and obtaining more visibility for the department, Krenz has realized a twofold payoff whose benefits should only continue to increase.
The sanctions call for reassignment of the principal, subject to findings, and in addition, at least one other action, including allowing students to attend any public school with available space; allowing parents to establish a charter school; assigning management to another educational institution; reassigning teachers; or reorganizing or closing the school.
Henry Del Riego as CFO of all clinics are up to the task of reorganizing these clinics to allow for cost effectiveness through billing operations and improvement in our overall service to those who use the community-based programs.
Looking ahead, the Company will be reorganizing its production system in the Asia region to reduce manufacturing costs.
We can achieve our strategy most efficiently by reorganizing to leverage the many synergies and resources that currently exist between the various businesses that make up Eaton's Automotive Group.
During his tenure, he was responsible for financing, reorganizing and consolidating a number of independent entities, which became the world's second largest spice company with sales of $600 Million.
Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, will enable Teligent to continue to offer and provide high quality broadband voice and data solutions while reorganizing its capital structure.
ORINCON Industries, a leading provider of innovative solutions and diversified intelligent systems technology for the information age, today announced that it is reorganizing into three operating companies, each focused on a specific customer and market segment.