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In another step in the process of reorganizing its polyamide business, Evonik will be discontinuing the production and sale of polyphthalamide at its Witten site by the end of the first quarter of 2020.
The Family Farmer Bankruptcy Clarification Act reiterates Congress earlier action to enable bankrupt family farmers reorganizing their debts to treat capital gains taxes owed to a governmental unit, arising from the sale of farm assets during a bankruptcy, as general unsecured claims.
21 for 2011 was issued reorganizing Algomhuria Foundation for press, printing and publishing.
- Reorganizing its visuals department to enhance didigtal initiatives, and investing in 40 video cameras for the newsroom.
The plan's "costs are unaffordable and would prevent the company from successfully reorganizing and emerging from bankruptcy," it said in a statement.
As a result, Appeals is reorganizing to consolidate LBS and General Appeals and structuring the organization on a more geographic basis.
The steering committee, chaired by Prairie Village, Ken., Council Member Ruth Hopkins, also completed the process of reorganizing and streamlining the CED chapter of the National Municipal Policy.
London, UK 2/26/02--Amersham announced that it is reorganizing the internal structure of its Amersham Biosciences unit.
An advisory panel to the telecommunications minister on Wednesday proposed reorganizing the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
''There have been many discussions about reorganizing (the lobbies), but no changes have yet been made.''