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Mansfield Building Society Some loans can be repaid up to the age of 80.
By the time KBC has repaid all the aid it received, the total figure will have risen to more than EUR 13 billion.
FGB, the second-largest lender in the UAE by market value, repaid Dh4.
Andrew Mitchell (Con Sutton Coldfield): Has repaid pounds 371.
The irony, however, is that those who repaid the loans fully have poor perception over the social benefits while those who are to repay have high agreement on the social benefits of cooperative credit.
The court also said the Tax Court had ignored the credible testimony of one of the company's shareholders that he fully expected to be repaid the amounts he had advanced to Indmar.
The loan term was 18 months, but the borrower repaid HRC in just eight months.
This analysis includes determining whether (i) the loan was in fact repaid before year-end and (ii) such repayment had economic substance.
The apex bank said that the loan was repaid ahead of schedule.
6 billion subordinated loan to the UAE Ministry of Finance, while another Abu Dhabi-based financial institution UNB told Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange it also repaid Dh1.
The same applies to the FHA Section 235 program, where homebuyers obtain a very low-interest rate FHA mortgage, and the interest "subsidy" is repaid.
Today, the young company is still not profitable (although Babette predicts it will be this year), and she has repaid Rosette only $1,500 of the $147,000 she owes.