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Therefore, purchasing or repairing parts through the PROS II contract is not the most efficient method of procurement for FMS logistic requirements, but it is the best method to support small, unconsolidated requirements.
Thus, to deduct the costs of repairing a roof, taxpayers have to understand thoroughly the various standards for current deductibility and to document properly their facts.
Motorists can try to file a claim with the city for the cost of repairing pothole-damaged cars.
But achieving emission reductions requires repairing polluting vehicles.
After repairing the damaged ceiling, our immediate concern was to save the terrace by repairing the present damage and preventing any future damage and preventing any future problems," said Amrhein.
It originally was developed for repairing coke oven refractories but is now being used in glass furnaces and metallurgical vessels.
Once this work is complete, PSE will be able to concentrate solely on repairing damage to local distribution lines.
Increasing I-level repair capability by repairing all SRAs (Full SRA).