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A short distance away lay his tiny flier, surrounded by the tools with which he had evidently been occupied in repairing some damage when surprised by the green warriors.
or to alter anything, or to have any sweeping, nor scouring, nor cleaning, nor repairing going on about me.
In this apartment a dozen red slaves were employed polishing or repairing the weapons of the yellow men.
They were agents for several obscure makes of bicycle,--two samples constituted the stock,--and occasionally they effected a sale; they also repaired punctures and did their best--though luck was not always on their side-- with any other repairing that was brought to them.
The window was boarded up, and an unpleasant altercation about their delay in repairing it with the new landlord, a Bun Hill butcher--and a loud, bellowing, unreasonable person at that--served to remind them of their unsettled troubles with the old.
The latter, by virtue of a twisted crank-hanger, required repairing, and, as a matter of friendliness with his future brother-in-law, he sent it to Von Schmidt's shop.
The face, as it showed under the glass, was not disagreeable to look upon: it bore a faint smile, and as the death had been painless, had not been distorted beyond the repairing power of the undertaker.
Quite the opposite; I'm repairing her," was my answer.
But it appeared that the carpenter was repairing the harrows, which ought to have been repaired before Lent.
Oh, I meant to tell you yesterday, the harrows want repairing.
Perker detached himself, on his clerk being announced in a whisper; and repairing to the dining- room, there found Mr.
If finalized, this rule will adversely affect taxpayers that previously claimed casualty loss deductions for damage inflicted on tangible property and properly deducted the cost of repairing the damage.