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2] ratio/SD indicates the reparability of each imbalance event from the background noise of the whole dataset.
Frauman, Rohm and Haas Company: Expanding powder coatings' share of the industrial coatings market will depend heavily on advancing technology in the following areas: lower cure temperatures; enhanced appearance properties such as spatter finish textures and brighter metallics; smoother thin film clear and opaque coatings; improved application at higher rates on both simple and complex parts; better solutions for customers requiring numerous colors and frequent color changes; coatings that provide protective properties with minimal surface preparation; and reparability.
These potential process advantages must be weighed against issues associated with reparability, adhesion, yellowing, and curing shadowed areas on highly contoured objects.
First, researchers can examine the occurrence of guilt (after the fact) in naturally occurring events which produce variations in (a) proximity to damage, (b) degree of damage, (c) closeness of the relationship with those harmed; (d) reparability of the outcome; (e) extent to which damage is human caused, (f) availability of good and bad choices, (g) equitability of benefits or penalties, and (h) blame from others for causing the damage.
In the last few years, I have become more convinced of this viewpoint, as examples have demonstrated the full extent of reparability.
In itself, it is a complex matter involving original prices, performance factors, costs of accident repairs and ease of reparability.
Facing tight budgets, the Army, Navy, Air Force and Defense agencies are looking for solutions that withstand the test of time while meeting stringent performance, maintainability and reparability, Size, Weight and Power (SWaP), Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) requirements.
Some of the restraints include high cost of carbon fiber, reparability & recyclability issues related composites, increasing styrene regulations.
Some challenges exist, however, such as the high cost of composites compared to metals, lack of proper joining techniques, absence of standardization (in terms of material grade), and poor reparability and recyclability.
Reparability and evolvability are particularly important because the scientific discovery process is open-ended and ever-changing.
At about the same time, the Reparability Forecast Model (RFM) was being implemented on a limited basis at the air logistics centers (ALC) (2) RFM was originally developed a few years earlier as a forecasting tool to help identify shortages prior to production and is used to augment the ordering function with more accurate forecasts.
Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites are gaining popularity because of their good toughness properties, high processing speeds, excellent chemical resistance, and the potential for recyclability and reparability of the material forms Short-fiber or random-fiber-mat-reinforced composites form a major share of these thermoplastic composites because of ease in processability.