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Under both the Prime Vendor system and the Performance Based Logistics strategy, contractors rather than DLA and Service inventory managers likely will manage both reparable and consumable parts.
As retrograde operations become more responsive and contribute to a synchronized closed-loop supply chain, it becomes possible to reduce RO and safety stock for specific depot-level reparable components (DLRs) while simultaneously reducing back orders and increasing readiness (Ao--operational availability).
If ZTSC has an opportunity to make substantial profit by getting consumables to the field in six hours (as they do for reparable parts) instead of 320 days, they'll do it.
Under the "Prime Vendor" (PV) program, contractors, rather than DLA and Service inventory managers, will likely manage both reparable and consumable parts.
Class IX Secondary Item Production--Shows planned versus actual production for below depot level Class IX reparable programs.
Depot-Level Reparable (DLR) Procurement Management Consolidation (includes consumable item transfer).
Tasks like managing the materiel review file (MRF) and the overaged reparable item list (ORIL) and controlling degree code violations required aggressive procedures to prevent substandard performance.
The code tells you what maintenance level can determine when an item is unserviceable or uneconomically reparable, and who can condemn or dispose of the item.
Our primary interest lies within a component of this large pipeline called reparable intransit (RIT).
Materiel that is unserviceable but possibly reparable (condition code F) and materiel that does not have a traditional stock number is forwarded to the serviceable/unserviceable yard in Arifjan, Kuwait.