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The case we describe below, Vermont's recently implemented reparative probation program, is an important example because of its use of community volunteer boards.
The contractual nature of the Treaty gives some starting point (not available in Australia) for what reparative justice might require, but even so it has proved impossible to achieve agreement between Pakeha and Maori.
With Christian reparative therapy, being gay is not only a psychological disorder but it is inherently sinful, which means every time they have a thought about a boy or girl they believe there are going to hell," Mr Martin said.
This range of three products, Reparative shampoo, Reparative conditioning treatment and Reparative serum, draws inspiration from the dcrmatological technique of Lipofilling with Kerato-Filler, an"intra keratin" fiber filler that reportedly helps restore the inner hair substance.
These processes are important for cellular functions such as nutrient uptake, termination of receptor signaling, cytokinesis, and cell migration and for physiological processes such as embryonic and reparative morphogenesis, neuronal synaptic transmission, secretion of hormones and mediators, et cetera.
The 49-year-old works at Coventry's Youth Offending Service with prolific and persistent offenders, running programmes that address their offending, and involve them in reparative activities in the community.
Education and rehabilitation is vital - and so, I believe, is a form of reparative service or work.
A clinical diagnosis of reparative granuloma was made, and tympanotomy and revision stapedectomy were performed.
from Reparative Change and the False-Positive/False-Negative Papanicolaou Test--Colgan et al)
One mechanism Angion Biomedica discovered to be particularly responsive to intervention is a pathway involving hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), a kinase that triggers a powerful reparative response.
Contract awarded for Provision Of Ehcl Maintenance Equipment Reparative Karl Storz Cystoscope
Wei adds, "The positive effect on arthritis is not only due to multiplication, division, and transformation of the stem cell into cartilage, but it is also due to the fact the stem cell releases proteins that attract other reparative cells to the area.