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Sedgwick's now famous inauguration of the reparative turn in Touching Feeling has sparked many variations.
Reparation and the arts, for example: how art, literature, music and theatre represents and engages with reparations and reparative narratives
Obama took a decisive stance against gay reparative therapy last week in response to a petition calling for a ban and citing the death of Leelah Alcorn, the Ohio teen who left a desperate suicide note late last year and apparently walked into traffic.
Nor does reparative therapy include counseling for a person seeking to transition from one gender to another.
Wounds are of two major types: acute and chronic; acute wounds heal with reparative process within days.
Herbal Essences ambassador and celeb stylist Ben Cooke tells us, 'They're my top tip for helping to get shiny, healthy hair - Moroccan Argan oil is a great reparative ingredient.
Presenting significant supporting evidence in defense of his decision, Justice Hill reasoned that Black Canadians are the historic victims of systemic racism not dissimilar to the experiences of Aboriginal Canadians, and therefore qualify for alternative or reparative justice sentencing procedures under section 718.
The theoretical-political double binds that most concern me in this essay relate to the challenges of engaging in textually-oriented, politically-engaged, cultural criticism in a context in which textual strategies risk being dismissed as anachronistic and inattentive to materiality in the midst of 'new materialisms'; critique risks being labelled 'paranoid' and incapable of grappling with the ambivalences of power in the wake of 'the reparative turn'; and the arts and humanities themselves risk being deemed superfluous and stripped of funding in the shift from public higher education to 'the neoliberal university'.
He calls the juxtapositioning of the privately held list of behaviors and the instances when certain behaviors are publicly proscribed the "Madame Butterfly" effect and describes what happens when the two cross into law, describes reparative justice in Ping Cong's Chinoiserie, describes how patriotism was performed in the internment camps during World War II, shows the political performability of the Moriyuki Shimada scrap book, and looks into the recent radicalization of Cambodian America.
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